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Tax Resources
Listed below are miscellaneous online resources and links we think you might find useful:

At the IRS website, you can download forms, instructions, publications, send comments and check the status of your current year or amended tax return refund.

If you are an individual taxpayer that needs telephone assistance, call (800) 829-1040.

If you are a business taxpayer that needs telephone assistance, call (800) 829-4933.

Always have a copy of the letter, document or tax return you would like to discuss when you call.

Whether you are an individual or a business taxpayer, and you have not been able to resolve your tax issue(s), you may contact the Taxpayer Advocate.  For more information on how the Taxpayer Advocate's office can help you, visit

Get information on the latest state tax topics; download forms & instructions or log onto your individual income tax account to submit inquiries & check the status of your tax return.

To contact the Michigan Department of Treasury, call (517) 373-3200.

If your business uses Quickbooks, visit the webiste for the latest in accounting, payroll, and invoicing information.

Here you can find helpful information on the financial aid process for your college-bound depenent!  You can fill out the FAFSA for directly from your computer by logging in to your account.

For additional financial out resources, visit these websites:
Do you want to know how your stocks are doing? Okay, well, maybe not! But for the curious and brave, click on the link above to find out what's up (or down) on Wall Street!

Personal Finance Web Sites: click here

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