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Due to the new tax law changes and due diligence requirements by the Internal Revenue Service, Gurin & Gurin is utilizing more comprehensive tax worksheets than what you have been accustomed to using in the past.  These worksheets ensure we obtain all of the necessary information to claim all income you are required to report and all deductions you are entitled to claim.  

If you would prefer to use the worksheets with a simpler format, please click below.

2018 Worksheets (Individual)

2018 Worksheets (Business)

NOTE: You are not required to fill out the new forms if you are providing all of your tax documentation, but many of our clients find them helpful when gathering their information.  If you would like to use the 2017 worksheets, you can download them here.  However, your tax preparer may need to discuss certain items in more detail if you choose to fill out the 2017 worksheet.

Contrary to past tax worksheets, the 2018 tax worksheets are FILLABLE; this means that you can type directly onto the worksheet.  You are also able to save & print the completed worksheets.  If you would prefer to print out a blank worksheet & fill it in by hand, you still have that option as well.

2018 Individual Worksheets (including Sch C & Sch E)

2018 S Corporation Worksheets (including LLCs taxed as S Corp)

2018 LLC Worksheets (Multi-Member LLCs)

2018 Partnership Worksheets

2018 C Corporation Worksheets

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